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Macbeth Analysis of the Character

Macbeth is one of Shakespeares most intense characters. While he is certainly no hero, hes not a typical villain, either. Macbeth is complex, and  his guilt for his many bloody crimes is a central theme of the play. The presence of supernatural influences, another theme of Macbeth, is another factor that affects the main characters choices. And like other Shakespeare characters who rely on ghosts and otherworldly portents, such as Hamlet and King Lear, Macbeth does not fare well in the end.   A Character Fraught With Contradictions At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is celebrated as a loyal and exceptionally brave and strong soldier, and he is rewarded with a new title from the king: the Thane of Cawdor. This proves true the prediction of three witches, whose scheming ultimately helps drive Macbeth’s ever-growing ambition and contributes to his transformation into a murderer and tyrant. How much of a push Macbeth needed to turn to murder is not clear. But the words of three mysterious women, together with his wifes  conniving pressure, appear to be enough to push his ambition to be king toward bloodshed.   Our initial perception of Macbeth as a brave soldier is further eroded when we see how easily he is manipulated by Lady Macbeth. For example, we watch how vulnerable this soldier is to Lady Macbeths questioning of his masculinity. This is one place where we see that Macbeth is a mixed character—he has a seeming capacity for virtue at the start, but no strength of character to reign in his inner power lust or resist his wifes coercion. As the play advances, Macbeth is overwhelmed with a combination of ambition, violence, self-doubt, and ever-increasing inner turmoil. But even as he questions his own actions, he is nevertheless compelled to commit further atrocities in order to cover up his previous wrongdoings. Is Macbeth Evil? Viewing Macbeth as an inherently evil creature is difficult because he lacks psychological stability and strength of character. We see the events of the play affect his mental clarity: His guilt causes him a great deal of mental anguish and leads to insomnia and hallucinations, such as the famous bloody dagger and the ghost of Banquo. In his psychological torment, Macbeth has more in common with Hamlet than with Shakespeare’s clear-cut villains, such as Iago from Othello. However, in marked contrast to Hamlets endless stalling, Macbeth has the ability to act swiftly in order to fulfill his desires, even when it means committing murder upon murder. He is a man controlled by forces both within and outside of himself. However, despite the inner division caused by these forces greater than his struggling and weakening conscience, he is still able to murder, acting decisively like the soldier we meet at the start of the play. How Macbeth Responds to His Own Downfall Macbeth is never happy with his actions—even when they have earned him his prize—because he is acutely aware of his own tyranny. This divided conscience continues to the end of the play, where there is a sense of relief when the soldiers arrive at his gate. However, Macbeth continues to remain foolhardily confident—perhaps due to his unerring belief in the witches’ predictions. At his end, Macbeth embodies an eternal archetype of the weak tyrant: the ruler whose brutality is borne of inner weakness, greed for power, guilt, and susceptibility to others schemes and pressures. The play ends where it began: with a battle. Although Macbeth is killed as a tyrant, there is a small redemptive notion that his soldier status is reinstated in the very final scenes of the play. The character of Macbeth, in a sense, comes full circle: He returns to battle, but now as a monstrous, broken, and desperate version of his earlier, honorable self.

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What to Expect From Thesis Statement Essay?

What to Expect From Thesis Statement Essay? What You Need to Do About Thesis Statement Essay Beginning in the Next 20 Minutes The usage of the expression statement' often confuses students into thinking that the claim must be put in 1 sentence. Keep revising your own idea till you get original and intriguing claims which you are excited to write about. Even should you not have enough time to find advice elsewhere, you can do a little thesis evaluation of your own. After getting success in a lot of other courses, you have the permission of making a thesis statement. Thesis Statement Essay Fundamentals Explained Naturally, you ought not utilize texts which you will discover. Beyond doubt, the primary purpose of a thesis statement is to enable the reader know what it is you're going to discuss, as it enables the reader keep concentrate on the essay's major idea. Since it is so important, it's probably a good idea to look at some tips on how to put together a strong one. It is the result of a lengthy thinking process. Academic essays aren't mystery novels which use suspense as a means to continue to keep readers glued. Many different kinds of academic writing exist. Readers must be in a position to realize that your paper has one principal point. Writing in college often requires the shape of persuasionconvincing others that you've got an interesting, logical standpoint on the subject you're studying. Once you're done writing, it's important to get someone take another look at your paper so that you're able to ensure there are not any mistakes or errors. You are requested to convince your reader of your standpoint. Although you want to prove a point, you aren't hoping to force your will on the reader. Make certain that you get to earn your point. Writing is a present that comes naturally. Essay democracy is the best sort of government. Thematic essays are among such popular essay types. Sometimes even nicely written essays don't get the greatest grades because of format difficulties. Just since there are two varieties of thesis statements (informative and persuasive), there are two fundamental styles you may use. The offered article provides the fundamentals of thesis writing and some amazing examples to look at. In reality, powerful and informative thesis statement examples are clear concerning the intended arguments from the start. There are several good analytical thesis statement examples online you might access to provide you with a clearer picture, a crystal clear and arguable thesis statement is essential for your paper as the full text needs to be directed towards its defense. Your reader won't be in a position to discern the point of the statement, and will likely quit reading. You will not locate a thesis statement generator online which can make an original argument which will not bore the reader. For a lengthier essay, you require a thesis statement that is more versatile. Search for a thematic essay example that you can discover online. Just as there are various kinds of essays, there are various kinds of thesis statements. Narrative essays are the key instance of an essay which might not call for a thesis statement. The conclusion and recommendation portion of the essay would decide on just what the essay is truly all about. 1 thing which you could do is to pick a title after doing the entire essay. The Topic The subject of your essay is the overall category your essay is all about. The very best help with thesis is currently available easily.

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Sustainability In Material Production Free Essays

In recent years, more and more people pay much attention to fashion as they consider that wearing trendy clothes can help them be equipped with a greater fascination. However, with the rapid increase of the fashion production, a wide range of industrial materials and wastes which are strongly detrimental to the environment are producing every day. How to dispose of this problem? Considering this, many experts and environmentalists tend to hold a viewpoint that a higher level of sustainability is the key solution. We will write a custom essay sample on Sustainability In Material Production or any similar topic only for you Order Now This essay will demonstrate how the fashion industry makes against the environment and how a higher standard of sustainability can solve this problem. First of all, diversity of materials is hard to find in the modern fashion and textile industry. It is dominated by a large number of similar, ready-made products in a limited range of fibre types. Indeed, cotton and polyester together account for over 80 percent of the global market in textiles (Simpson, 2006). The more demands of fashion, the more fibre will be produced. However, it is a high energy-consuming process in the production of fibre. It needs a lot of oil, insecticides and water. Furthermore, large quantities of chemical wastes and toxic industrial water will be discharged into the environment. Secondly, manufacturers always produce fur and leather material. Thus, it can lead to a wide range of animals being killed. That is quite cruel to animals. According to the research by environmentalists, almost 3528 species of animals are in danger (Langley, 2009). If manufacturers continue to produce more fur and leather, the biodiversity and the balance of nature will be broken seriously. It seems quite difficult to prevent the threat of fashion industry entirely. However, many experts have put up with a concept of sustainability in materials production. Manufacturers can try to use some environmental materials instead of traditional unsustainable materials. To ensure a high standard of sustainability, the government should limit the production of unsustainable materials and products. For instance, the government can try to improve the tax rate of detrimental materials. For another thing, the government should make unsustainable products illegal. At the same time, the punishment should also be strict. To sum up, the fashion industry indeed poses a serious threat to the environment and a high standard of sustainability in materials production can solve this problem effectively. To some extent, the government plays a significant role in protecting the environment. How to cite Sustainability In Material Production, Papers

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It is better to prevent than to lament Essay Example

It is better to prevent than to lament? Essay How often have you heard the phrase, â€Å"It is better to prevent than to lament?† When the issue is on safe sex, most likely everyone will come across hearing that question. Some people might not understand the importance of having protected sex, but in reality, it is a very significant topic that all teenagers must understand and apply to their personal sex life. Safe sex has been designed to mainly reduce the chances of catching an infection during sexual intercourse. It is also designed to avoid developing certain diseases such as sexually transmitted disease (STDs) like AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis. Unsafe sex is when people engage in sexual intercourse without using any sort of protection. They do not use any contraception and they do not use any other form of preventive measures against sexually transmitted diseases. It was around the 1960s when many people started to show signs of being infected with AIDS. The dangers and precautions of contracting AIDS became so real that in the late 1980s safe sex practices officially became prominent and crucial. Despite the fact that many use contraceptives and other methods to reduce risks, safe sex will never be complete risk elimination. Even though safe sex is used as a form of family planning, it usually applies to trying to prevent infections. Certain barrier methods of contraception normally used by teenagers are the male and female condom, spermicides in the form of foam, contraceptive pills (birth control pills), and the contraceptive patch. When people are engaged in sexual intercourse, it is a wonderful feeling where powerful expression of love and passion is expressed. It shows how attracted you are to your partner, but despite all these good feelings, one has to be extra precautious when it comes to the consequences of having sex. Pregnancy and infectious diseases are two of the main reasons why everyone should be extra careful when engaged in sexual activities. Do not do anything that you will later regret. Take the right and correct actions, but it is too late. We will write a custom essay sample on It is better to prevent than to lament? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on It is better to prevent than to lament? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on It is better to prevent than to lament? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer WORK CITED: Epigee Women’s Health. â€Å"Responsible Choices and You.† 2005. Sussman, Lisa. iVillage. â€Å"Birth Control A-Z.† 2006.,,j6nr,00.html.

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An Ultimatum IS Final

An Ultimatum IS Final An Ultimatum IS â€Å"Final† An Ultimatum IS â€Å"Final† By Maeve Maddox The noun ultimatum is one of those words that needs no modifiers. ultimatum: In diplomacy, the final terms presented by one power (or group of powers) to another, the rejection of which may lead to the severing of diplomatic relations, and eventually to a declaration of war. OED For ordinary people (i.e., non-diplomats), the word means a final condition or stipulation; ones last word on a matter. So why do so many writers insist on modifying this strong noun with the adjective â€Å"final†? Burger King gives final ultimatum to Aguilar Scott issues the Hood a final ultimatum; stop or be shot at. JEDDAH, November 23: Al-Ahly of Jeddah have officially issued a final ultimatum to manager Argentinian Edgardo Bauza After a string of wrists slaps and threats, toxin-lovin Babyshambles rocker Pete Doherty has been issued a final ultimatum from a London Judge: If he does not show the motivation in four weeks, it will be prison Either an ultimatum is ultimate or it isn’t. If a woman’s ultimatum to her boyfriend is, â€Å"Sober up or lose me,† then she can’t take him back if he fails to sober up. If she does, then she hasn’t issued an ultimatum. At most, she’s made an empty threat. â€Å"Final ultimatum† makes as much sense as â€Å"very unique.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Idioms About TalkingBest Websites to Learn English45 Idioms About the Number One

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Archaeology Clubs for Amateurs

Archaeology Clubs for Amateurs Archaeology clubs and societies are one of the best ways for aspiring amateur and professional archaeologists to get started in their passion: find a group of people who also want to learn about archaeology or work as volunteers on archaeological digs. Even if youre not in school, or ever plan to be a professional archaeologist, you too can explore your passion for the field and even get trained and go on excavations. For that, you need an amateur archaeology club. There are numerous local and regional clubs throughout the world, with activities that range from Saturday morning reading groups to full-fledged societies with publications and conferences and opportunities to work on archaeological excavations. Some amateurs write their own reports and give presentations. If you live in a fairly good-sized city, chances are there are local amateur archaeology clubs right near you. The trouble is, how do you find them, and how do you pick the right one for you? Artifact Collector Groups There are, at heart, two kinds of amateur archaeology clubs. The first kind is an artifact collector club. These clubs are primarily interested in artifacts of the past, looking at artifacts, buying and selling artifacts, telling stories about how they found this artifact or another. Some collector groups have publications and regular swap meets. But most of these groups are not really invested in archaeology as a science. This is not to say that collectors are bad people or not enthusiastic about what they do. In fact, many amateur collectors register their collections and work with professional archaeologists to identify unknown or endangered archaeological sites. But their primary interest is not in the events or people of the past, it is in the objects. Art Versus Science To professional archaeologists (and many amateurs), an artifact is far more interesting within its context, as a part of an ancient culture, as part of the entire collection (assemblage) of artifacts and studies from an archaeological site. That includes intensive artifact studies, like where an artifact came from (called the provenience), what kind of material it was made from (sourcing) when it was used (dating), and what it might have meant to people of the past (interpretation). Bottom line, by and large, collector groups are more interested in the artistic aspects of archaeological artifacts: nothing wrong with that, but thats only a tiny aspect of the totality of learning about the cultures of the past.   Avocational Archaeology Groups The other type of archaeology club is the avocational club. The largest of these in the United States is the professional/amateur run Archaeological Institute of America. This type of club also has newsletters and local and regional meetings. But in addition, they have strong ties to the professional community, and sometimes publish full-fledged publications with reports on archaeological sites. Some sponsor group tours of archaeological sites, have regular talks by professional archaeologists, certification programs so you can get trained to volunteer at excavations, and even special sessions for children. Some even sponsor and help conduct archaeological surveys or even excavations, in conjunction with universities, that amateur members can take part in. They dont sell artifacts, and if they talk about artifacts, it is within context, what the society who made it was like, where it came from, what it was used for. Finding a Local Group So, how do you find an avocational society to join? In every American state, Canadian province, Australian territory, and British county (not to mention almost every other country in the world), you can find a professional archaeological society. Most of them keep strong ties with the avocational societies in their region, and they will know who to contact. For example, in the Americas, the Society for American Archaeology has a special Council of Affiliated Societies, in which it maintains close contact with avocational groups that support professional archaeological ethics. The Archaeological Institute of America has a list of collaborating organizations; and in the UK, try the Council for British Archaeologys website for CBA Groups. We Need You To be perfectly honest, the archaeological profession needs you, needs your support and your passion for archaeology, to grow, to increase our numbers, to help protect the archaeological sites and cultural heritage of the world. Join an amateur society soon. Youll never regret it.

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Let's protect environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Let's protect environment - Essay Example Increasing human activities in the name of achieving economic growth and happiness is a major contributor of global warming. In his article, McKibben acknowledges the fact that Carbon dioxide constitutes 72 percent of the green house gases in the atmosphere. We have created the crisis of global warming ourselves. This is through increased human activities that release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere McKibben also records that there is a direct relationship between Carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere and economic growth. The more we are living large, the more Carbon dioxide we are releasing into the atmosphere. Our world population is also increasing. To support such a growing population, there has to be enough resources most of which are derived from the environment. To support such, a population there has to be enough food as well as fuel. We are therefore, compromising our environmental health in the name of achieving economic growth. China has a very big population. It also has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, the impacts of these population and economic growths on the environment cannot be overlooked. In the Qinghai- Tibetan Plateau for example, glaciers are melting, temperatures rising and the rainy seasons have become very unpredictable. Qinghai province in Mado County used to have about 1000 lakes; now there are less than 300 (Wen 8). I t hink this is a good teaching to us. Climate change is real and the more we focus on economic growth, we are contributing to increase in global warming. Most villagers believe that the disappearance of lakes is just the normal seasonal shifting. It takes us sometime to realize that we are having fewer lakes as compared to some years back. The high population in China has put a lot of pressure on the natural resources. Water deficiency is expected to worsen with increased global warming. We are therefore, suffering because of our own activities. China